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Employee Spotlight - 5.23.17

Meet 4th Source QA Specialist Rafael Gonzalez Torres

Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees. What is your role at 4th Source? I am a QA Specialist, working for a claims and productivity management solutions customer.


Insider - 5.16.17

ServiceNow Implementations Done Right Part 1: What I Wish I Knew from the Start

Hi there, My name is John. I’m going to help you make better choices when implementing ServiceNow, because when you plan for months - and reallocate your IT budget around a new ITSM cloud system - it better work.


Insider - 4.27.17

4 Reasons to Get Amped for Knowledge17

Your Conference. Your Way. That’s a big promise considering there’s 15,000 of you attending Knowledge17. They’re not wrong, though. Whether you’re attending Knowledge17 to up your ITOM game, automate your HR service delivery, or seek answers to manage digital transformation, you can absolutely make the most out of the ServiceNow conference. 


Employee Spotlight - 4.19.17

Meet 4th Source Team Lead Brien Bell

Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees. What is your role at 4th Source? I am the support team lead for a Fortune 25 customer.


Insider - 3.16.17

Nice Fitness Tracker, but Can You Sleep like Tom Brady in Baltimore?

The “biggest secret” to improving our health is!? It’s…it’s diet and exercise. But that bacon cheese burger just…looks…so… What were we talking about? Ah yes, health! 


Employee Spotlight - 3.15.17

Meet 4th Source HR Administrative Assistant Fabiola Vazquez

Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees. What is your role at 4th Source? I am an administrative assistant in human resources, and have been with 4th Source since October 2012.


Insider - 2.22.17

How to Prevent a Vendor from Seizing Control of Your Projects

Have you ever experienced this?   Vendor before project: “Absolutely, we’ll do that at this price. No worries. Of course we can get it done on time!”


Employee Spotlight - 2.20.17

Meet 4th Source Technical Leader Jose Castaneda

Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees. What is your role at 4th Source? I am a technical leader within the organization, and have been with 4th Source since 2012. One of the most important aspects of my work is the freedom to design improvements for customer systems.


Insider - 2.13.17

How to Design a Cloud Adoption Plan that Actually Works - with ServiceNow

Cloud adoption has been…well…we’re not really sure how it’s been going. The hype is strong. Read any tech news from the past five years and you’ll find the line, “everything is moving to the cloud.” Synonymous with digital transformation, cloud adoption seems to be a major initiative for most mid-to-large companies.


Insider - 1.19.17

How to Achieve Operational Focus through Automation

Show of hands. Who likes to be recognized for their work? Recognition makes us feel all gooey inside, both when we're the recipient, and when we place the spotlight on others. I love to recognize my team for the work they do. It’s even better when a customer gets there first. They’ll mention a major cost-saving benefit and I’ll bring up the person on my team responsible for the idea and vision.