Meet 4th Source QA Manager Jorge Martinez

5.3.16 By Cindy Baum


Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees

What is your role at 4th Source?

I am a QA manager working for a large claims management customer. I was promoted to this role about two months ago, which was very exciting. I’m part of a team of around 30 people.

What do you love most about working with 4th Source?

I enjoy how my department has grown as a team. I have some really good friends here. I also enjoy the learning environment. I am able to grow and constantly learn.

What is your most memorable moment at 4th Source?

There were a few moments that were memorable for me, such as the company anniversary party in Cuernavaca. My proudest moment was when I received the promotion to QA manager.

When you're not working at 4th Source, what can we find you doing?

I’m studying for my masters in IT project management. Besides that, I play squash, go to the cinema, and love to travel and learn new languages. I’ve been to many countries in Europe, and can speak some French. I’m also learning German.


What were you doing before you joined 4th Source?

Before coming to 4th Source, my background was as a developer. I earned a bachelor's degree in system technologies, and was a QA automation intern with IBM.

Where do you see your future?

I’d like to get more involved with the project life cycle and continue the path towards becoming a project manager.


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