Meet 4th Source Release Engineer Juan Venancio Spindola Navarro

1.18.17 By Cindy Baum

Juan Navarro Employee Profile.jpgMeet 4th Source's Talented Employees.

What is your role at 4th Source?

As a Release Engineer, my job consists of installing software in client-specific environments in QA, development and testing. 


What do you love most about working with 4th Source?

The people are amazing. I love the management team, my coworkers, and the entire 4th Source family.


What is your most memorable moment at 4th Source?

My most memorable moment at 4th Source was when my boss promoted me to Team Leader. I was not expecting it, and was grateful for the opportunity.


When you're not working at 4th Source, what can we find you doing?

I like to spend time with my family, and also go jogging and swimming on weekends.

 Juan Navarro Employee Profile 2.jpg


What were you doing before you joined 4th Source?

Before I came to 4th Source, I was a team leader of database administration for a mainframe and distribution system.


Where do you see your future?

My immediate goal at 4th Source is to complete the current project in an excellent way with the help of my team. Together, I look forward to our team growing, learn, and create new things every day.  As far as the future goes, I expect to continue my career here at 4th source.


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