Outsourcing-as-a-Trial: How Pharmacy Leaders Today Are Choosing IT Partners

Pharmacy IT and operations teams are more aligned than ever before - leading to significant gains in their digital transformation agendas. Due to a lack of industry expertise, many IT vendors are slow to catch up. As a result, pharmacy leaders are experimenting with vendor trials as a way to vet partners and maintain digital transformation momentum.


The Not-so-Secret Ingredients of a Successful Pharmacy Transformation

"We've got to be digital; we've got to be transformational.” It’s the mantra and mandate of the digital age, but there still seems to be confusion about what that really means and how to get there. 86% of all companies are stuck in digitization and nearly half of pharmacies (42%) admit they’ve had to revise their transformation strategy in the past year.


Experts Corner - 11.5.19

The Missing Ingredient for Digital Modernization Success? People

I wasn’t surprised to read a joint study by MIT and Deloitte found that the key differentiator between companies that achieve successful digital transformation and those who don’t is a culture where leaders and employees embrace change.


Insider - 9.24.19

Digital Transformation Companies AN Global (4th Source's Parent Company) and AgileThought Join Forces

IRVING, TX and TAMPA, FL - 4th Source’s parent company, AN Global, a leader in next-generation digital services, has acquired AgileThought, a leading provider of enterprise software development and transformation services.   


Employee Spotlight - 9.20.19

The Power of the Pedal – Cycling to Change the World for People with MS

  Next month, thousands of people will hop on their bikes and hit the road for a great cause. It’s the annual Bike MS NYC, and we are honored that one of our own, Beth Murphy, 4th Source’s Service Delivery Director, will be participating.


Insider - 9.12.19

Specialty Pharmacy Digital Transformation: What’s Next?

  Holistic IT adaptation addresses key challenges such as data integrity and patient service delays. Digital-driven companies are embracing sustainable adaptation. You likely already know this, but does your IT partner?


Experts Corner - 8.21.19

Keeping the Patient First -  How Technology Supports a Patient Focus

I’ve been in the technology consulting business for a long time. When I first started at Oracle twenty years ago, long before automation had taken hold, client/server architecture was the big thing. Back then, we could have never imagined the technology capabilities of today – for example,


Events - 8.13.19

Where Specialty Pharmacy Operations and IT Unite

  82% of healthcare organizations replaced an IT vendor in the past year. Here's why... Most healthcare IT vendors simply can't execute from a broader operations perspective. What happens when specialty pharmacy operations and IT unite - where IT empowers specialty pharmacies to become more responsive providers and lower the cost of care?


Experts Corner - 7.30.19

Still Chasing IT Support Problems? Solve Them BEFORE They Happen

  When it comes to their IT systems, many companies are in firefighting mode — constantly moving from one incident to the next in an escalating wave of events. You can survive being reactive…


Insider - 7.2.19

Specialty Pharmacy Automation Part II - Overcoming Your Worst Fears

  Automation holds so much potential for Specialty Pharmacy – we talked about it in detail in our last blog post. But with all those benefits in mind, why are so many providers still reluctant to take pharmacy processes out of human hands? And for those who have embraced automation, why are some still failing to realize all this promise and potential?