Insider - 9.12.19

Specialty Pharmacy Digital Transformation: What’s Next?

  Holistic IT adaptation addresses key challenges such as data integrity and patient service delays. Digital-driven companies are embracing sustainable adaptation. You likely already know this, but does your IT partner?


Experts Corner - 8.21.19

Keeping the Patient First -  How Technology Supports a Patient Focus

  I’ve been in the consulting business for a long time. When I first started consulting for Oracle twenty years ago, long before automation had taken hold, client/server architecture was the big thing. Back then, we could have never imagined the technology capabilities of today – for example,


Events - 8.13.19

Where Specialty Pharmacy Operations and IT Unite

  82% of healthcare organizations replaced an IT vendor in the past year. Here's why... Most healthcare IT vendors simply can't execute from a broader operations perspective. What happens when specialty pharmacy operations and IT unite - where IT empowers specialty pharmacies to become more responsive providers and lower the cost of care?


Experts Corner - 7.30.19

Still Chasing IT Support Problems? Solve Them BEFORE They Happen

  When it comes to their IT systems, many companies are in firefighting mode — constantly moving from one incident to the next in an escalating wave of events. You can survive being reactive…


Insider - 7.2.19

Specialty Pharmacy Automation Part II - Overcoming Your Worst Fears

  Automation holds so much potential for Specialty Pharmacy – we talked about it in detail in our last blog post. But with all those benefits in mind, why are so many providers still reluctant to take pharmacy processes out of human hands? And for those who have embraced automation, why are some still failing to realize all this promise and potential?


Insider - 6.3.19

Specialty Pharmacy Automation Part I – Opportunities and BPI

  The promise is real, folks. The stakes are too high; the investments too…invested. It’s time. If you are evolving (digitally speaking) then you are automating.   In this blog series, we are going to discuss automation as it pertains to specialty pharmacy digital transformation and beyond. Topics will include how to get started, the state of automation, risks and rewards, and we will tie in success stories from QA to revenue cycle management to synthetic validation.


Insider - 10.9.18

Get in the Home – AutoZone Unveils New Tech for Next-Day Delivery

Retail Done Right   Market disruption tells two general stories; the rise of a small and agile up-and-comer, and the decline of a large, slow market leader.   For every Netflix there is a Blockbuster.


Insider - 9.19.18

Specialty Pharmacy IT: Why Vendor Experience Matters More Than You Think

  Since the coining of the phrase “digital transformation,” you’ve likely spent countless hours trying to align IT with line of business (LOB) activities. How do I know this?   Call it a hunch.   But one 2018 survey by found that most CIO’s, after years of attempting to foster collaboration between their department and business units, are finally taking IT out of IT’s hands and sharing the productivity throughout the organization.


Insider - 5.31.18

Read This Guide & Build (or Fix) a ServiceNow® Instance That's Right for Your Hospital

  As healthcare costs continue to rise, hospital CIOs are wondering where the supposed IT productivity gains are going. In many cases, software contributes to those rising costs. Studies (like these) found that physicians spend nearly 50% of their time working on clerical tasks.


Insider - 3.30.18

Hospitals - You Might Never Solve the IT Skills Gap Issue, But…

  …you can still take action to advance your digital agenda.   Filling tech resource gaps for hospitals is a double-edged sword.   On one hand, you’re under pressure to find resources to meet project goals and deadlines. On the other hand, you need to train those resources to be able to apply their work to your operations.