4 IT Articles That Will Renew Your Confidence in Outsourcing

11.17.16 By Matthew Stoltz


What’s the best country for outsourcing? How should I move my digital agenda forward? Why am I seeing ServiceNow pop up everywhere, and do I need it?


Uncertainty abounds in the realm of IT, as does information overload. Lucky for you, I scoured the internet to find articles to answer some of your most burning IT questions. Instead of Googling “IT Outsourcing” and finding yourself down the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia and banner ads, here are four articles that will give you a better perspective of IT right now.


1. IT Planning & Leadership


IT Leaders: Don't Fear the Future


We’re starting off big with a whole slew of articles rolled into one kit. It’s worth the required email sign-up for this resource. Long-time tech columnist, Thorton May leaves no stone unturned as he dives into C-level relationships, the evolution of the CIO, making wise IT choices (with a fantastic reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), and not letting future-faddism get in the way of future planning.


If you want one resource to charge your leadership battery, this is it.


2. Nearshore Outsourcing

CIO Magazine

IT Outsourcing: Study Ranks Best Nearshore Locations for U.S. Customers


Offshoring is messy. There are cultural and communication misunderstandings, and you often get slapped with the bill when extra work is required. With rising labor costs in China and India, and more demand for project management and creative problem solving, offshore ain’t what it used to be. 


Keep your chin up, though, because this article from CIO.com offers the top nearshore IT sourcing locations for U.S. companies. Or you can see the value of keeping it NAFTA with the nearshore-onshore hybrid model.


3. Project Management

CIO Magazine

More than Half of IT Projects Still Failing


CIO Magazine, again? What can I say? CIO.com is a great source for tech news.

That title alone will get your heart pumping. The article reveals an eye-opening statistic that hasn’t changed in three years (50% of tech projects fail), and then gets into why so many projects are still off track.

It even comes with a project management video!

The proposed solution is to get granular with project management. It’s up to you (again citing offshore complexity as a major cause) to manage project expectations, and to make sure there is execution accountability on a daily basis.


For all you non-link-clickers out there, here’s a quick list of what the article recommends you do to prevent IT project failure:

  • Clear delineation of what success is in terms of cost and performance
  • Identification of stakeholders – roles and project responsibilities
  • Make sure the vendor understands the technical and business objectives
  • Maintain ongoing communication and embrace an agile discipline
  • Create a tight scope (larger projects fail more)
  • Ensure daily task accountability


4. Vetting

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society)

8 Simple Rules for Selecting an Outsourcing Partner


HIMSS might not have the chatchiest name, but they are a trustworthy source in healthcare tech. This is a solid checklist to use when vetting vendors, as opposed to most company-sponsored articles claiming the “10 best ways to outsource,” which are ultra-pitchy.

The question still stands. What’s the best criteria in an outsourcing partner? This third-party article has the answer. Yes, the article focuses on BPO (business process outsourcing). And yes, it comes from healthcare, but if you ever wanted an 8 pointed criteria from which to measure vendors, you got one.

Plus, it’s concise!

You can also use the 8 points to ask specific questions when vetting your next vendor. They should have concrete examples of improving processes, saving money, and increasing efficiencies.


Bonus Article: ServiceNow


I would be remiss not to mention ServiceNow. If you want the low-down on tackling the problem that American companies spend $575 billion a year on busy work, head to the ServiceNow website. It’s full of information about how it’s used to elevate more IT frameworks to the cloud.

If you want an overview of the IT phenomenon, here’s an article we published earlier this year:

4th Source

How to Implement ServiceNow for Hospitals, Retailers, and Just About Anyone

ServiceNow essentially sets your company up for future IT success – all the time. It does so with an ITIL environment in the cloud that provides insight and creates efficiency via system interoperability.

The article goes into detail about how ServiceNow can be implemented and used, and how the company is fulfilling their promise to deliver "everything as a service" across enterprises.


Hopefully you have a clearer focus and can move forward with your IT agenda. Be confident. Be strong. You got this. And if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us any time by hitting the contact button on the top right.




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