4 Reasons to Get Amped for Knowledge17

4.27.17 By Matthew Stoltz

Get amped for Knowledge17 - the ServiceNow conference

Your Conference. Your Way.

That’s a big promise considering there’s 15,000 of you attending Knowledge17.

They’re not wrong, though. Whether you’re attending Knowledge17 to up your ITOM game, automate your HR service delivery, or seek answers to manage digital transformation, you can absolutely make the most out of the ServiceNow conference. 

Here are 4 reasons to get even more amped about Knowledge17:


4. ServiceNow Beyond IT 


ITSM is the gateway for ServiceNow projects, but the potential to expand the platform is gaining traction. Look out for LOB opportunities in areas like HR, finance, and customer service.

Balancing customer service quality and cost is a huge challenge for most businesses. Knowledge17 is showcasing how to drive customer service value while also lowering costs. Here are a few of the highlights you can expect:

Expect additional conversations about the roles of automation and IoT in customer service delivery.


3. The Social Learning Experience


Most of the value that comes from conferences are the skills you can pick up and use immediately when you get back to the office. Knowledge17 is the perfect place to meet peers, discuss your ServiceNow successes and pains, and pick the brains of influencers you’ve always wanted to meet.

The most hands-on experience will come out of CreatorCon, a developers’ playground with workshops, sessions, hack zones, and the developer hub.

Peer interaction is powerful. Send your devs to CreatorCon to learn shortcuts, hacks, tips, and myth-busting from colleagues. Devs of all levels are welcome to join CreatorCon, which also offers certification exams. New, fully supported for 2017 include:

  • Dedicated Architect Track: Featuring more architect‑centric offerings than ever

  • Unconference: A bring‑your‑own‑content opportunity to create a session on your topic of choice

  • Developer Theater: Bite‑sized Ted‑ish tech talks focused on all things developer

  • DevHub Challenge: Earn points for everything you do at the Developer Hub and win awesome prizes throughout the day

Source: https://knowledge.servicenow.com/creatorcon.html


There will also be two women-in-tech dining experiences. Curios about the state of women in STEM? Learn the latest and get to know some of the leading women in Service Management at these women-in-tech events:

  • The first is a breakfast on Tuesday, May 9th from 7:00-8:00 AM. Learn about leadership and enganging diverse backgrounds from Avis Yates‑Rivers, a director of the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

  • Can’t make it to the breakfast? Avis will be back on Wednesday, May 10th from 12:00 – 1:30 PM, hosting a Women in Tech lunch panel. 


2. The #DigitalStrong Wellness Challenge


Let’s face it. You can toss your card into an exhibitor’s glass bowl and wait for a 1:15,000 chance to get your name called, or you can join the wellness challenge, and measure your activitiy. You're already going to walk a ton at the conference. This is an awesome chance to show your passion for wellness and IT. Oh, and win real, useful prizes like the Under Armour Health Box. The first 25 people to sign up get an exclusive Under Armour shirt.

Believe us when we say you’re in good hands, because FX WELL, the company that built this…

The Under Armour Performance Center - built and maintained by FX WELL

The Under Armour Performance Center - built and maintained by FX WELL

The Under Armour Performance Center at 10 Light Street, Baltimore, MD

…is co-sponsoring the wellness challenge. They’re also showcasing their journey to Digital Strong at booth # 507 – how they developed virtual coaching services (managed in 4th Source's ServiceNow Domain) for the high-performance organizations like the US National Guard, Kaiser Permanente, and Under Armour. Reserve your spot here.


1. The Healthcare Track


History tells us that customer stories – especially failed experiences – are worth listening to.

The healthcare track will include 64 hands-on labs and 37 breakout sessions from customers like CHRISTUS Health, the Mayo Clinic, Johnson & Johnson, and Medtronic. They’ll cover topics including:

  • Bridging ITSM and Outsourcing Strategies

  • Transforming Knowledge Management

  • What to Expect when Upgrading a Service Portal

  • IT Asset Management

Stop by booth # 507 for more success stories like this one involving a health insurance company’s eleventh-hour ServiceNow expansion, or the successful ServiceNow implementation for one of the largest children’s research hospitals in the US.


Bonus: Good Times!


Yes, conferences are serious learning experiences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves while we’re there. With so many people in the same career boat, a shindig or two are bound to pop up. We happen to know of two Happy Hours worth attending:

  • The ServiceNow ExpoNow happy hour on Tuesday afternoon at the exhibition hall




Remember to take good notes and enjoy yourself. See you at Knowlege17!


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