4 Reasons Why Tampa (Yes, Tampa) is Perfect for a Tech HQ

5.18.16 By Matthew Stoltz


Florida is quietly booming.

It has been for years, boasting one of the strongest cost-to-live ratios in North America. It has no personal income tax. It has a flourishing tech scene. It serves up top talent from the region’s universities. As they say: Florida, go for a beaches, stay for the technology.

If you're looking for a place to establish a new headquarters, we suggest Tampa, ranked as "The Best Big City in the Southeast" by Money Magazine. Take a trip to check out the Bay area. You'll begin to see why businesses set up shop and contemplate retirement at the same time.

Welcome to the hotel Sunshine State.

These are the top four reasons we love Tampa, in no particular order.

1. It's Friendly to Your Corporate Family

To say that Tampa is livable is an understatement. Your team will love you for relocating to the Bay area. Yes, because the state is tax-friendly and has a favorable housing market, but also for the lifestyle.

A recent article from Tampa EDC explains it well:

What Tampa offers that [other] cities don’t, is the Bay-area lifestyle, [some] of the best beaches in America and year-round great weather. It also boasts world-class museums, family friendly theme parks, great shopping, professional and college sports, and landmarks such as the Ybor City National Historic District.

There’s also something to be said about the pirate-y weirdness going on. Locals get it, and new residents quickly love it. If you care about your employees, this is the place to be. Or you can stay in the cold confines of your current location. Shame.

2. Proximity to Customers and Teams

As a nearshore IT services company, we eat, sleep, and breathe agility.

Being in Tampa helps us remain agile. When outsourcing an IT project overseas, time-zones become an issue, language gaps and understanding become issues. The ability (or inability) to have a team come on site becomes an issue.

Some of the largest companies on the planet rely on our team to be handle their core projects. Simply passing the baton back and forth every day isn’t enough. We’ve built a model where proximity has a direct impact on agility. By establishing our headquarters in Tampa, we became more available to customers, and, at a time when speed has such strong business implications, we push for every boost possible.

Tampa also just so happens to be the perfect location to access our teams in Mexico, and throughout the U.S.

Okay, so this reason was more about why Tampa is ideal for us, but have you been to the beaches? 


3. There’s Nothing Like Local Talent

Good luck convincing Florida graduates to leave their sunny lives to move elsewhere. If top talent doesn’t always flock in, go to them! Tampa and southern Florida breed the perfect mix of talent and attitude.

According to The Florida High Tech Corridor Online, there are “three research universities, more than twenty local and regional economic development organizations, and fourteen community and state colleges.”

Numbers aside, these are quality universities benefiting from state and local investment in tech-related disciplines. At the end of the day, Florida students graduate with workforce-ready skills.

4. Florida's Tech Scene

Florida’s Tech Corridor is awesome, and it's huge. Citing Florida High Tech, the corridor “spans twenty three counties across the state, connected by twelve regional workforce boards, countless industry groups and the thousands of innovative companies that call this region home.”

It's apropos for techies to move to the neighborhood and take part in the hotbed of activity, from medical technology and simulation, to what has become the capital of virtual reality around Orlando. Nerds unite! 


Tampa is a great place to be, and for tech companies, it’s a great time to be here. Is there something you love about the Bay area that we missed?

Let us know, or stop by our office some time: 2502 N. Rocky Point Drive, Suite 960, Tampa, FL 33607.


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