4th Source Featured in Co.tribute Blog for Philanthropic Involvement

1.20.16 By Samantha Luis


Philanthropy Involvement Lands 4th Source Featured Mention

Co.tribute approached 4th Source to be featured in their latest blog post due to our community involvement and dedication to participating in charity events in the U.S. 4th Source's advocacy of philanthropic support is widespread across the entire organization. Employees, both in North America and Mexico, encourage coworkers to partake in many diverse charities throughout the year and motivate our leaders to head participation within organizations they are passionate about. 

Below is the interview between Mark Molinari, Co-Founder and President of 4th Source, and Co.tribute:

Co.tribute: Tell us what motivates you and 4th Source to give back to the community.

Mark: Personally, my motivation began around 6 years ago, when I read an article in the newspaper about a family that needed donations to buy a seizure dog for their daughter. She was suffering from acute seizures. I decided to help with the funding, and this introduced me to a problem a lot of the families were facing in Georgia (due to the laws against the growth of medical cannabis). A lot of families needed that treatment for seizures. As a result, many of them started relocating to other states in order to administer the compound to affected family members. The plight of these families spurred me on to help others who were struggling and needed help caring for seizure patients. That's how I discovered my personal passion for philanthropy. I believe 4th Source's employees really resonate with our philanthropic initiatives, because we set examples and standards for them to emulate. At 4th Source, we don't feel the need to coerce our employees to give back. Each individual's efforts set a standard that motivates others at the company to do the same.

Co.tribute: Your personal efforts to help the community are very inspiring. What philanthropic projects has 4th Source taken on recently?

Mark: For the past few years, we've had a scholarship fund in place to sponsor a couple of indigenous kids. These kids usually come from backgrounds that don't provide much opportunity for them to grow as working professionals. So we help out by funding their books and travel. We also sponsor university education for students who want to join the IT field. We guide them, mentor them, help them complete college, and finally give them an opportunity to come work with us. Our employees help us identify kids who can really make use of the opportunity we give them. We've donated thousands of dollars to universities, and our most recent philanthropic project was raising money for the St. Jude Marathon. 

Our employees also participate in various ad hoc volunteering events. Employees in Mexico once volunteered to clean the beach, and even helped baby sea turtles find their way back to the ocean. These are small acts of kindness that our employees love to engage in. Our company was also a major sponsor to raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's gala to laud heroes who were battling the disease.


Co.Tribute: What is the secret behind the success of 4th Source's work environment?

Mark: I would attribute our success in establishing a good work environment to the the way we treat our employees. We believe in a corporate family culture. We also motivate our employees to treat the community as a part of our family. We want our employees to feel blessed and fortunate. Every quarter we conduct surveys so as to provide a platform for our staff to bring to light any issues they might be having They can also share thoughts on how they feel we can enhance the work experience at the firm. We even arrange for get-togethers during the summer and winter for our employees and their families. We endeavor to create an intimate work environment and get to know our employees on a personal level. Our team members also have the liberty to approach us for our support with any charitable initiatives they might be involved in. We help them out with fundraising, developing matching programs, or even sponsoring transportation to make volunteering easier. We want them to know we value what's personal to them. And it's really helped us establish a work culture that's productive, both for the company as a whole and for individuals.

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