8 HR Benefits from Automating Onboarding: Infographic

10.6.16 By Matthew Stoltz

First impressions are important. They set the tone for everything that follows.

I know, mind blowing, right? 

But the business suffers when HR, or any department, drops the ball. Even if it's for one new hire. There's a better way to retain and nurture talent, and it involves onboarding automation.

When the organization has not prepared for a new hire's first day, doubt creeps in.

He feels like he doesn't matter. I'm not an HR pro, but that seems to go against everything HR stands for (as it's neither humane, nor resourceful). 

The lack of engagement even leads to abandonment. In fact, within the first six months of employment 86% of new hires make the decision to stay or go. 

Onboarding automation enables HR to get a new hire everything he needs right away which...

  • ...makes a stellar first impression,
  • that convinces the new hire to stay longer,
  • and, when combined with a supportive environment, enables him to become an all-star,
  • which makes the business more profitable,
  • and then business leaders realize how awesome the onboarding experience is, 
  • which leads to everyone in HR getting a huge raise.

Where do we sign up?!


Onboarding automation involves HR and IT working together


A platform like ServiceNow is used to automate workflows and, because it's cloud-based, opens IT and process visibility to everyone. Here are 8 benefits of onboarding automation with ServiceNow:



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