Guest Post - Nate Costa, Founder of FX Well, Discusses Partnership with 4th Source to Drive Company Growth

3.15.16 By Nate Costa


4th Source Creates One-of-a-Kind Web Application for FX Well

It’s an interesting time to be in the “corporate wellness” space. Technology is constantly evolving, making it easier for people to track everything from steps through sleep, and the picture of what is being called the “quantified self” is coming into focus. As trainers, these devices, and the technology that powers and connects them to their users, gives us unprecedented insight into our audience. In a very real and measurable way, it gives us the ability to actually be better at our jobs. We can more efficiently help individuals and teams meet and even exceed their goals. When you look at product suites such as the ‘Connected Fitness’ ecosystem pioneered by companies like Under Armour, we are talking about very powerful tools. 

Fundamentally, the notion of “goals” is core to our business at FX Well. Our evolution - from a fitness and personal training organization - into a corporate wellness, performance and connected wellness company was driven by a simple organizational goal. Our mission is to help as many people realize and achieve their own goals as possible. 


In order for us to achieve our goals, we needed to develop a software component and support infrastructure that could scale to millions of users – while delivering the same level of high touch personalization that a client would experience in a 1-on-1 consultation. Since we work with companies that vary in size from a few hundred users through tens of thousands, all with varying degrees of activity, experience or interest, we recognized that we would face significant demands on our team and our technology.

Part of our plan involved integrating with a capable IT partner to work on the front lines – ensuring we deliver an excellent client experience through support, troubleshooting, forward-thinking development, testing and implementation of our now very robust SAAS back-end application.


Image: Web-based application 4th Source created for FX Well.

4th Source has been that strategic partner who was willing to work with us to identify vulnerabilities in our systems that could potentially lead to a break down in the technology and user experience. This partnership has allowed us to scale efficiently and to confidently pursue new opportunities in the space – able to respond when demand pulled us – rather than questioning whether we could handle the next opportunity. Together, we’ve built out a first-of-its kind, fully-customizable back end and we’re working toward launching the first version of our mobile app for iOS and Android later in 2016. We’re able to do more and to more effectively pursue our shared goal of delivering maximum impact and the highest level of service.

One of the best parts of our story is that we often get to work with partners and power their internal wellness initiatives – witnessing the positive change taking place among the people we get to work and collaborate with every day. The 4th Source team has been incredibly inspiring as a “user”, consistently participating in wellness challenges and activities.


Image: 4th Source and FX Well teams after a workout.

This participation, aside from helping build a stronger team internally, has also helped make them a more effective and efficient partner and a true value-add to our clients that enhances the overall end user experience.

We see the wellness space as one of constant evolution, and in many ways the industry has moved away from the cookie-cutter approach to wellness driven by steps challenges, or “biggest loser” competitions. Today’s wellness audience demands more, seeks customized solutions that can appeal to everyone, and requires a partner that can deliver data-heavy feedback in real time. We’re fortunate to be in a position to deliver on that demand, with the support of partners, like 4th Source, who can ensure we are positioned to deliver today and well into the future.

-Nate Costa, Founder of FX Well.


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