How a Health Ins. Juggernaut Smashes Bottlenecks with ServiceNow Partner

8.1.16 By Matthew Stoltz


A story about the IT department that hired out help and made it home at a decent hour.

For the first time in a while, the IT folks sat back in their ergonomic mesh chairs, and breathed deeply. They were staffed. They could turn off their laptops, put their phones on silent, and make it home before 7 PM. The move to ServiceNow was complete, and their department was operating under one smooth system.

Then a mandate came through:

“Extend ServiceNow to all departments. Go.”

Requests for help came pouring in from every direction. Stuff hit fans. 

Within a week, the company's ServiceNow team was overwhelmed, fearing they'd lose the respect of the business if they did not execute.

A typical email from HR looked like this,

“Hey it’s Jenny from HR, again. I know you guys are super busy, but we’re ready to move forward with ServiceNow (as mandated). Do you have some time to help us set up a dashboard tomorrow?”

A typical email from Marketing looked like this,

“Hey it’s Chuck from Marketing, again. I know you guys are super busy, but we’re ready to move forward…”

And so on for finance, operations, the mailroom - everyone. Department heads had been sold on the power of ServiceNow. They were ready to replace old processes, emails and spreadsheets. And they flocked to IT. 

When it comes to health insurance, this company is a giant in the US, processing millions of treatment requests daily. When service requests started flooding in, they stalled.


A Savvy IT Manager Finds a Way

Unable to fill department requests, the IT team replied to each email with a polite, “We’d love to help but we just don’t have the resources.”

A quick-thinking manager, Henrietta, called a meeting to break out of the funk, and a new mandate emerged:


“Free IT to be responsive to the business. Hire a ServiceNow certified partner.”


IT placed a beacon calling for a ServiceNow certified partner to help them manage the company-wide transition. There was little budget for a project, so they threw out a wide net to offshore, nearshore, and onshore companies, hoping to find the right balance of cost and capability.



A technology partner with the talent and experience necessary to gather requirements, and implement hundreds of catalog items requiring complex scripting.


  • Be certified in ServiceNow
  • Know how to implement request intake forms
  • Have experience automating workflows
  • Provide skilled resources
  • Offer on-demand consulting
  • Fit within tight budget constraints

And it worked! Sort of…


At first, ServiceNow consultancies looked at the assigned budget and turned their backs, saying, “You’re one of the biggest health insurance companies on the planet. We need more money.”


Finding the Right Partner to Fill the Gaps

After a dark week of searching, the insurance company found Susan Britt, Tech Lead at 4th Source.

When asked if her team could handle the project, Susan said, “Sure, no problem. We’ll take the workload off your hands within budget, and get it done by the end of the year. We have ServiceNow certified teams in the U.S. and Mexico. They can work remotely, or, if need be, we'll fly them to your offices to work as an extension of your team. Feel free to ask them anything. They can handle it.”


Bottleneck Smashed

4th Source brought a hybrid staffing model to help IT close their current gap in resource availability at a rate card that would help them complete all of the development within their budget.

Work completed:

  • Shift requests to a catalog within ServiceNow
  • Workflow automation
  • Instance configuration
  • Additional virtual services

Configuring a Better Experience

As part of a managed services package, 4th Source configured the ServiceNow instance so that end users could log in and see the exact location of each task.

  • A more intuitive user experience was created to lead users through a series of well-defined actions.
  • Tickets were updated consistently as tasks were completed. Fulfillers now know exactly where the requests are and how many tasks are left before they get the delivery of their service.
  • Department users could log in to check all relevant tasks.

Today, the insurance company is more productive, with all departments running off of a single system of record as intended. Processes have been cut and TCO has been reduced. IT, free to be responsive to the business, still sit forward in their ergonomic mesh chairs, but get home to their families at a decent time.


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