Location, Location, Location

12.1.15 By Samantha Luis


You probably haven't heard the phrase "Location, location, location" since your high school history teacher ingrained it in your brain during your study of the World Wars. Well, it has become a lesson well learned for companies across the globe.   

With a plethora of services being outsourced to companies in foreign countries halfway around the world, organizations are seeing a negative effect on desired results for their IT projects and are unable to work as efficiently as initially intended. Project handoffs, evening conference calls and cultural barriers prevent organizations from meeting their deadlines with ease. Many IT projects rely heavily on constant communication during iterations to ensure smooth progression; time zone differences (especially significant ones like 12-hour differences) can put a wrench in these plans.  

4th Source has witnessed organizations struggling with the negative side effects of outsourcing their projects to foreign companies. Cultural and lifestyle conflicts usually aren't a consideration when looking for a company to help with IT initiatives, however it has proven one of the biggest reasons for switching to a nearshore company, like 4th Source. The ability to have face-to-face meetings with talented resources either via online chat programs or on-site visits with merely a day's notice is a priceless advantage of working with an organization in the same time zone. Deadlines are met, projects run smoother and employees are able to enjoy their personal life after regular work hours instead of evening conference calls to sort out issues that could have been resolved upon discovery. Cultural obstacles are also few and far between with nearshore companies that share similar holidays as the US, have English teachers on staff for training resources daily, and encourage similar lifestyles to those we are accustomed to.  

Next time you look to outsource an IT project to a location that's a full day's plane trip away, consider your high school history teacher's lecture and remember the benefit of "Location, location, location."

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