New Guide Reveals How IT & HR Can Improve Onboarding with ServiceNow Automation

9.8.16 By Matthew Stoltz

Onboarding is convoluted. IT provides a new hire with a computer and sets up software applications. Security gets parking and building access badges. Finance supplies a credit card. HR is quarterbacking the whole thing while dealing with policy forms. 

Everyone contributes for the sake of one, measly new hire. Except she's not measly...

 ...She's the future of your business. Which is why onboarding is so important.

Imagine what it would be like if a new hire's initial set-up was automated in one system. HR spends less time running around as an office go-fer, and more time helping people get, well, on board.

Learn how to get started with automation, and how ServiceNow is the ultimate tool to make it happen, with the Jump-Start Guide to Onboarding Automation.


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