Nice Fitness Tracker, but Can You Sleep like Tom Brady in Baltimore?

3.16.17 By Matthew Stoltz


The “biggest secret” to improving our health is!? It’s…it’s diet and exercise. But that bacon cheese burger just…looks…so…

What were we talking about?

Ah yes, health! 

Physicians rejoice, because you have a new weapon to rejuvenate your drowned-out voices. It’s data. More specifically, it’s our data.

Our bodies are ticking away, and a lot of investment is going into tracking those ticks. For about around one hundred and fifty greenbacks, you can gain access to the biggest, most important personal health assistant ever to be introduced – in all of history; a personal fitness tracking system.

Nifty, right?

Connected fitness is everywhere. Stress levels, sleep, heart rates, nutrition; we can fine tune our bodies into fine…tuned…bodies.

Mobile apps and watches are the tip of a constantly expanding iceberg. The latest in wearable tech enables us to take care of our bodies while sleeping, just like NFL pro, Tom Brady.  But why should Tom have all the fun?

All that care going into professional athlete science - we’re getting access to all of it – mostly out of Baltimore, which has become the center of global sports science. Here’s why:


1. Under Armour's far infared tech: Tom Brady sleeps and so can you!

Far infa-what?! Wizardry aside, Tom Brady swears by this form of sleep recovery. Essentially, Under Armour – based in Baltimore – developed sleepwear that reflects far infared rays (AKA waves of energy naturally emitted by your body) back through you as you sleep.

Far infared has been scientifically proven to boost one’s ability to recover: enhance relaxation, detox, promote blood circulation, and, somehow, prevent sunburn.

Mike Lee, Under Armour Chief Digital Officer (and founder of UA’s MyFitnessPal app), explained at this past CES that elite athlete science and therapy can be…how do I say this without offending everyone…brought down to our level:

"Another thing we love to do is think about the tools that elite athletes have, how do we democratize those to everyone in the world? The company started through innovation. It was Kevin Plank [Under Armour CEO] recognizing that when he stepped off the field in a cotton T-shirt it was soaked literally 10 pounds of sweat that hindered his performance. How could he improve his performance on the field through the compression shirt that we developed? Today, that's the lens that we drive our innovation through."

It starts with athletes, but through the democratization of athletic science we find ourselves getting the Brady treatment. Rest is only one aspect of the connected-fit-self. The goal is to measure everything to keep our bodies and minds in tip-top shape.

Except for a little problem called motivation.

If you would rather eat a bug than workout, you're not alone. Starting out can be a huge hurdle. But there's a voice inside all of us that desperately wants to feel healthier and be more confident.

What if the access/insight gained by connected fitness devices was paired with, say, a totally non-intimidating motivator? One fitness company is bringing the training to you.


2. Wellness is going to work

Literally. Want to feel like you're part of something bigger? FX Well - also in Baltimore - is a corporate wellness company who built Under Armour's training facilities. They take what used to be an individualistic, consumer-driven fitness training model, and, through its digital platform, organizes wellness campaigns for companies (B2B).


We’re big fans of FX Well around here. Partially because we built the technology (both online and mobile) that drives their corporate wellness platform, but mostly because we bought into their philosophy that employee wellness leads to corporate wellness.

There is strength in numbers.

A livelier workforce is more productive, tends to bond together, and is happier. But since there’s that little piece of you that only reacts to stone-cold facts:

  • Healthy employees have 41% lower health-related costs compared to less active peers. 
  • One study found that a disease management wellness program delivered 86% of the hard health care cost savings, generating $136 in savings per member, per month and a 30% reduction in hospital admissions.

In short, we all win.

Personally, signing up for fitness challenges has been my number one motivator to work out. Quick sob story (queue tiny violin): I have a bunch of physical issues that restrict how I can exercise – it includes four herniated discs in my spine and a broken knee that went untreated (he finds out six years later). I can feel your tears through the screen. It’s okay. Let it out.

With work-based fitness challenges I can work out on my terms (which involves a lot of elliptical time), still feel like I'm part of the team, and not worry about injury.


3. They're blinding us with science!

If you’re one of the 190 million users on Under Armour’s connected fitness platform (which includes MyFitnessPal®, MapMyFitness®, and Endomondo®), then a team of world-class physicians now have your back.

Johns Hopkins - also in Baltimore - and Under Armour have partnered to push the boundaries of connected fitness science.

Johns Hopkins recently stated that the partnership will offer “clinical and research-based guidance in four key pillars of health and wellness — sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition — to inform and empower Under Armour’s connected fitness community.”

So, there you have it. Under Armour R&D is pumping out gear to track, measure, and improve our bodies, it’s backed by Johns Hopkins research, and through FX Well, we can access professional training programs at work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped to hop on that elliptical and stride away to a mix of Metallica, Lady Gaga, and Daft Punk.



About FX Well

FX Well and 4th Source partnered to build a digital wellness platform where any company can organize team challenges, and elevate their employee wellness programs. Add a dash of elite fitness coaching, mobile accessibility, and manage it through ServiceNow, and you get the digital strong experience.

4th Source also came in at a 40% lower bid, cut mobile development costs by 1/3 with Xamarin, and supports scalability through Azure cloud hosting.

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