Insider - 12.18.17

Infographic: Accelerating the IT Agenda in Specialty Pharmacy

Will you be ready for 2021? The number of approved FDA medications is in decline while questions about future regulatory issues, care models, and cost continue to be raised.


Insider - 12.11.17

A Dose of Reality in Healthcare IT Interoperability: Is FHIR the Answer?

  US healthcare, for many years, has been a highly complex enterprise with a “cottage-industry” structure consisting of many small-scale, interdependent service providers. We’re seeing the dichotomy of large payment practices clashing with a personal treatment structure, creating silos of function and enterprise. 


Insider - 10.25.17

New Research Finds Hospital IT Departments Frustrated with Outsourcing Options: Shift to As-a-Service Solutions

Healthcare market research agency Black Book surveyed 1,587 hospital IT professionals to determine their confidence in partnering with outside contractors.   They are not happy.


Insider - 10.12.17

Restructuring Technical Debt in Healthcare IT - Beginning with Sourcing

There has been a climate change in IT. No surprise there. Technology, by nature, evolves. It adapts to the needs of consumers. It happens fast. It’s constant.   We know what's coming, and we know that change is inevitable, yet healthcare IT departments still can't keep up.


Experts Corner - 9.28.17

Innovation or System Maintenance? If You Have to Ask, Consider a New Approach to Managed Services

  It’s a classic dichotomy: innovate, or stay the course.   IT departments see it as a conflict of resources. Either we place IT staff on innovation projects, leaving system operations without a maintenance crew - or - we service IT systems and delay innovation. 


Insider - 8.16.17

Servicenow Implementations Done Right Part 5: Why You Use the Platform & Quantifying Your Instance

Why did you decide to go with ServiceNow in the first place? How are you quantifying your instance and ROI? The two often go hand-in-hand, and today we'll discuss how you can make sure your investment has been worth while.


Insider - 7.26.17

ServiceNow Implementations Done Right Part 4: Culture or Bust

Implementing ServiceNow is as simple as setting up and pushing "go." Except it's not. Cultural adoption, training, and workshops are necessary, and you shouldn't have to go about it alone. Rely on your implementation partner to provide them.


Insider - 6.30.17

ServiceNow Implementations Done Right Part 3: How to Champion Onboarding with SMEs & SPOC

You have an instance defined and are building it, but now you need to sell it. Lean on these key people to move your ServiceNow agenda forward, faster.


Insider - 6.23.17

4 Reasons Every CIO Should Consider Application Modernization with ServiceNow

Ah, home-grown legacy applications; the slow, often buggy, annoyance that no one wants to deal with, and yet everyone does. 


Insider - 6.12.17

How to Run a Corporate Wellness Program Your Team Will Love

When you think of corporate wellness, do you envision a happier tribe - tough-mudding, ballroom dancing, and crane-kicking their way to Karate championships?  Your team might not feel the same way.