Insider - 3.16.17

Nice Fitness Tracker, but Can You Sleep like Tom Brady in Baltimore?

The “biggest secret” to improving our health is!? It’s…it’s diet and exercise. But that bacon cheese burger just…looks…so… What were we talking about? Ah yes, health! 


Insider - 2.22.17

5 Ways IT Vendors Seize Control of Your Projects (And What You Can Do About It)

Have you ever experienced this?   Vendor before project: “Absolutely, we’ll do that at this price. No worries. Of course we can get it done on time!”


Insider - 2.13.17

How to Design a Cloud Adoption Plan that Actually Works - with ServiceNow

Cloud adoption has been…well…we’re not really sure how it’s been going. The hype is strong. Read any tech news from the past five years and you’ll find the line, “everything is moving to the cloud.” Synonymous with digital transformation, cloud adoption seems to be a major initiative for most mid-to-large companies.


Insider - 1.19.17

How to Achieve Operational Focus through Automation

Show of hands. Who likes to be recognized for their work? Recognition makes us feel all gooey inside, both when we're the recipient, and when we place the spotlight on others. I love to recognize my team for the work they do. It’s even better when a customer gets there first. They’ll mention a major cost-saving benefit and I’ll bring up the person on my team responsible for the idea and vision.


Insider - 1.13.17

Considering Xamarin Mobile Development? Here's What You Need to Know

The idea of developing universal mobile apps came out in, what, 2008? Here we are nine years later and we’re still riddled with “double.” Two major operating systems, two coding languages, double the effort and double the expense to build an app that caters to all users and devices. Good news, everyone. There’s a proven shared codebase.


Insider - 12.14.16

Why You Still Get Burned by Outsourcing & How to Fix It Now

Outsourcing! Whether your first thought is, “yeah, let’s do this!” or more like, “ugh, fine,” chances are that, if you've outsourced IT, you’ve been burned with a do-over, hidden cost, or delay.


2 Not-So-Secret Ways Business Process Improvements Impact Operations (If You're Ready for Customer Happiness and a Promotion)

It amazes me every time. The smile on peoples’ faces when they see the data on how much a process improves and how much money they’re saving. It’s as if they know they’re about to get a promotion.


Insider - 11.17.16

4 IT Articles That Will Renew Your Confidence in Outsourcing

What’s the best country for outsourcing? How should I move my digital agenda forward? Why am I seeing ServiceNow pop up everywhere, and do I need it?  


Insider - 10.6.16

8 HR Benefits from Automating Onboarding: Infographic

First impressions are important. They set the tone for everything that follows. I know, mind blowing, right?  But the business suffers when HR, or any department, drops the ball. Even if it's for one new hire. There's a better way to retain and nurture talent, and it involves onboarding automation.


Experts Corner - 9.27.16

How Creative DevOps & Automation Brought an Education Platform to Life

Servant Interactive was founded to solve a problem in education. A group of us got together and realized that over two-thirds of the world didn’t have access to reading materials, so we set out to build a platform that could deliver any type of written content to any device.