Meet 4th Source QA Technician, Marialina Soleil Chan Ramirez

4.23.18 By Cindy Baum


Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees.

What is your role at 4th Source?

I'm a QA Technician. As part of the Quality Assurance team, my duty is to ensure that the software and applications being tested are working and functioning as required by our clients. This includes new development projects or software that needs to be upgraded.


What do you love most about working with 4th Source? 

There are several aspects that I like about working at 4th Source, including the growth opportunities. But what I love the most is the work environment. I have found a bond that I hadn't seen in any other company.


What is your most memorable moment at 4th Source? 

My most memorable moment at 4th Source was the day I earned my first performance bonus. I remember that I hadn't confirmed my attendance to the Christmas party because I was going to travel the following morning, but at the end, I decided to go and enjoy the night. I was shocked when the time of the bonuses came, and I heard my name. That was a pretty good night.


When you're not working at 4th Source, what can we find you doing?

I like reading any kind of book, either physical, PDFs, eBooks or audiobooks. I'm a huge fan of Agatha Christie and her Hercules Poirot's character. I also like learning languages. I'm currently interested in French, so I'm doing some research on schools and courses.

When I'm not reading or working, I'm usually spending time with my family, or traveling by myself on tours.




What were you doing before you joined 4th Source?

I started working at 4th Source right after finishing the University. But as a student, I worked as a team leader in a valet parking company for several years. I used to plan the logistics for each event, troubleshoot, schedule the VC and the days-off and deal with the clients. Before that, I was a call center executive, a cashier at a golf club, and a team lead in a security guard company. I did a little bit of everything.


Where do you see your future?

Regarding my job, I would like to get the QA certification, become a manager, and learn more about automation tools. And on the personal side, I would like to travel around the world as much as possible, to learn at least one more language, to learn to play at least one instrument and try skydiving at least once.



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