Meet 4th Source Senior Oracle Developer Felipe Torres

1.29.19 By Laura Lopez


Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees.

What is your role at 4th Source?

I am a senior Oracle developer currently working for one of our largest pharmacy customers on a CRM project.

What do you love most about working with 4th Source? 

I like the work environment offered by the company. I also like the fact that we are constantly updating the technologies that we manage in the projects and the programming methodologies in which we work.




What is your most memorable moment at 4th Source? 

One of the most memorable moments I have had was during our anniversary party at the beach in Manzanillo. Most of the company attended this party. We had a great time and a lot of fun moments that will be remembered for a long time.


When you're not working at 4th Source, what can we find you doing?

One of the hobbies that I enjoy is visiting new places and learning about their customs. I also enjoy going out with friends to enjoy a cup of coffee.




What were you doing before you joined 4th Source?

Before joining the 4th Source team I was working for the state in the "Gobierno Electronico" department. I worked there for one year, programming with and with php for web platforms.


Where do you see your future?

My goal is to constantly learn the programming skills that we use in the company. I would like to continue to learn, visit more distant places, and meet new people.



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