Meet 4th Source Software Tester Andres Gil

10.30.18 By Laura Lopez


Meet 4th Source's Talented Employees.

What is your role at 4th Source?

I am Software Tester, working for a large insurance customer across multiple business lines. My team is committed to testing reports that are delivered to the insurance company's clients, enabling on-time payments to employees on disability.


What do you love most about working with 4th Source? 

I enjoy the interaction with the client who is great to work with. I also like the support of the 4th Source team, who has your back every day regardless of the difficulties that you can come across.




What is your most memorable moment at 4th Source? 

One of the most memorable moments was when I was first contacted by 4th Source. I was so excited to come to this company. My first move was an adventure. I love Mayan culture, and my mother and I couldn't believed that I was going to leave my native city to work and live in a new place.



When you're not working at 4th Source, what can we find you doing?

I love to explore new places, like the cenotes, caves, and beaches in Yucatan. I also enjoy traveling to small towns and Mayan ruins. One of my favorite hobbies is photography. Even though I am just an amateur, I love taking pictures.




What were you doing before you joined 4th Source?

I'm originally from Guadalajara, but have moved many times in my lifetime. I used to live with my grandparents in Nayarit, later moved to Guadalajara, then to Mexico City, went back to Guadalajara, and finally moved to Merida. Merida is my favorite location followed by Guadalajara.



Where do you see your future?

One of my main goals is to work for a company that challenges me, and that helps me learn more. I'm getting there with 4th Source, and working with a great customer feels like I can reach my potential and learn different ways to grow.



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