The Story of Mary and How 4th Source Care Will Save Her

1.27.16 By Dustin Murphy


It All Starts with the Story of Mary

Mary is 65 years old and has always listened to her doctor. She doesn't smoke, keeps her weight in check and enjoys going on brisk walks with her friends. These are all things she's implemented into her lifestyle after her doctor warned her about risks due to a family history of high blood pressure. Still, after implementing many of the doctor's recommendations, on November 5th, 2014, Mary was admitted into her local hospital with chest pains.

After reviewing Mary's condition, her doctor prescribes her with medication that he deems critical to her health and keeps her under observation to recover in the hospital. Upon discharge, Mary is eager to be out and reunited with her friends. With this excitement, Mary quickly returns to her normal schedule and forgets to get her prescription filled at her local pharmacy. Who is there to help remind Mary? No one. With Mary's lack of attention to her unfilled prescription, she suffers chest pains and is once again readmitted into the hospital. These are readmission costs the hospital will likely have to eat. 


4th Source has created the first ever automated patient data-driven adherence solution for healthcare professionals to help reduce readmissions, cut costs and drive patient adherence. Our solution, 4th Source Care, has prioritized trigger notifications to help improve staff utilization and improve patient care. We've created a solution to make managing patient care a breeze and to reduce the number of times patients like Mary return to the hospital for avoidable situations.

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