To Go Mobile, Or Not To Go Mobile?

9.11.15 By Samantha Luis

Mobile applications for business applications

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To go mobile, or not to go mobile? That is the question.

Many businesses today are asking themselves this question and are struggling to make the switch to mobile apps. According to a survey by Endurance International Group referenced in an Inc. article, 78% of small businesses said that they did not yet have a mobile solution for their business applications, even though 71% felt that having these mobile solutions would have a positive impact on their business. The hesitation to implement mobile apps stems from a few fears:

  • Feeling like there isn't enough time to implement
  • Thinking the cost is too great
  • Worrying about security risks
  • General lack of knowledge about mobile apps and how to build them

Fear not. Mobile apps are simple. And to make things even simpler, you can choose a software development company that has the experience and can make this implementation a pain free process. By making the choice to implement mobile apps in your organization, you'll receive the following clear benefits:

  • Recruitment and retention of valued employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer loyalty and satisfaction

Whether you're a CIO on a tight budget or a Director of IT looking to maximize processes (or even an IT Manager investigating mobile apps for Finance who asked you about a mobile app for their payment system) 4th Source tries to make your job easy and headache-free. If you want more details about 4th Source's mobile capabilities you can go here to learn more:

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