Experts Corner - 11.5.19

The Missing Ingredient for Digital Modernization Success? People

I wasn’t surprised to read a joint study by MIT and Deloitte found that the key differentiator between companies that achieve successful digital transformation and those who don’t is a culture where leaders and employees embrace change.


Experts Corner - 8.21.19

Keeping the Patient First -  How Technology Supports a Patient Focus

I’ve been in the technology consulting business for a long time. When I first started at Oracle twenty years ago, long before automation had taken hold, client/server architecture was the big thing. Back then, we could have never imagined the technology capabilities of today – for example,


Experts Corner - 7.30.19

Still Chasing IT Support Problems? Solve Them BEFORE They Happen

  When it comes to their IT systems, many companies are in firefighting mode — constantly moving from one incident to the next in an escalating wave of events. You can survive being reactive…


Experts Corner - 2.26.18

Who Else Wants to Improve Revenue Cycle Management at HIMSS18?

  HIMSS18 might seem overwhelming to some, but you’re on a mission. The healthcare conference will keep you on your toes as you elbow through crowds for free coffee, or find yourself deep in gripe-filled conversations about the lack of Cerner resources.


Experts Corner - 1.24.18

Rolling out Cucumber QA in Healthcare – an Interview with Roberto Pacheco

There are compelling reasons to adopt behavioral driven development (BDD) as part of an agile QA process. Research conducted by MIT suggests that agile companies grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile organizations.   But...


Experts Corner - 9.28.17

Innovation or System Maintenance? If You Have to Ask, Consider a New Approach to Managed Services

  It’s a classic dichotomy: innovate, or stay the course.   IT departments see it as a conflict of resources. Either we place IT staff on innovation projects, leaving system operations without a maintenance crew - or - we service IT systems and delay innovation. 


Experts Corner - 9.27.16

How Creative DevOps & Automation Brought an Education Platform to Life

Servant Interactive was founded to solve a problem in education. A group of us got together and realized that over two-thirds of the world didn’t have access to reading materials, so we set out to build a platform that could deliver any type of written content to any device.


Experts Corner - 8.17.16

What It Means to Make the Inc. 5000 List Six Times

As a business leader, it’s easy to get caught up looking forward. What are industry and economic trends? Where are the opportunities for growth? How can we service our customers faster than our peers? Today, I am looking back, and applauding the people who have helped 4th Source perform so well.


Experts Corner - 6.14.16

How to Realize Your Digital Future without Relying on the T Word

Mapping a Digital Path from the Perspective of a Tech CFO. Imagine it’s your life-long dream to own an exact replica of the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” with modern tech features. If you’re going to build a futuristic car, why not do it with some style?


Experts Corner - 5.2.16

How ServiceNow Benefits Hospitals, Retailers, and Just About Anyone

  What do you think about when someone mentions, “new enterprise software?” How about “new phone?”