Insider - 4.17.19

Specialty Pharmacy Digital Transformation: What’s Next?

  Digital transformation, by its own definition, is constant. Businesses play catch-up as evolving IT departments feel pressure to align themselves with operations.  It’s a symptom of the digital age; one day we’re comfortable with agile, and the next we’re scrambling to apply blockchain.  


Insider - 10.9.18

Get in the Home – AutoZone Unveils New Tech for Next-Day Delivery

Retail Done Right   Market disruption tells two general stories; the rise of a small and agile up-and-comer, and the decline of a large, slow market leader.   For every Netflix there is a Blockbuster.


Insider - 9.19.18

Specialty Pharmacy IT: Why Vendor Experience Matters More Than You Think

  Since the coining of the phrase “digital transformation,” you’ve likely spent countless hours trying to align IT with line of business (LOB) activities. How do I know this?   Call it a hunch.   But one 2018 survey by found that most CIO’s, after years of attempting to foster collaboration between their department and business units, are finally taking IT out of IT’s hands and sharing the productivity throughout the organization.


Insider - 5.31.18

Read This Guide & Build (or Fix) a ServiceNow® Instance That's Right for Your Hospital

  As healthcare costs continue to rise, hospital CIOs are wondering where the supposed IT productivity gains are going. In many cases, software contributes to those rising costs. Studies (like these) found that physicians spend nearly 50% of their time working on clerical tasks.


Insider - 3.30.18

Hospitals - You Might Never Solve the IT Skills Gap Issue, But…

  …you can still take action to advance your digital agenda.   Filling tech resource gaps for hospitals is a double-edged sword.   On one hand, you’re under pressure to find resources to meet project goals and deadlines. On the other hand, you need to train those resources to be able to apply their work to your operations.


Insider - 3.8.18

International Women’s Day Inspiration from Some of 4th Source’s Best

    Every year International Women’s Day has a theme. 2018’s theme is #PressforProgress and it could not be more relevant with the activities and protests from the past few months.  


Insider - 12.18.17

Infographic: Accelerating the IT Agenda in Specialty Pharmacy

Will you be ready for 2021? The number of approved FDA medications is in decline while questions about future regulatory issues, care models, and cost continue to be raised.


Insider - 12.11.17

A Dose of Reality in Healthcare IT Interoperability: Is FHIR the Answer?

  US healthcare, for many years, has been a highly complex enterprise with a “cottage-industry” structure consisting of many small-scale, interdependent service providers. We’re seeing the dichotomy of large payment practices clashing with a personal treatment structure, creating silos of function and enterprise. 


Insider - 10.25.17

New Research Finds Hospital IT Departments Frustrated with Outsourcing Options: Shift to As-a-Service Solutions

Healthcare market research agency Black Book surveyed 1,587 hospital IT professionals to determine their confidence in partnering with outside contractors.   They are not happy.


Insider - 10.12.17

Restructuring Technical Debt in Healthcare IT - Beginning with Sourcing

There has been a climate change in IT. No surprise there. Technology, by nature, evolves. It adapts to the needs of consumers. It happens fast. It’s constant.   We know what's coming, and we know that change is inevitable, yet healthcare IT departments still can't keep up.