Who Else Wants to Improve Revenue Cycle Management at HIMSS18?

2.26.18 By Matthew Stoltz

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HIMSS18 might seem overwhelming to some, but you’re on a mission. The healthcare conference will keep you on your toes as you elbow through crowds for free coffee, or find yourself deep in gripe-filled conversations about the lack of Cerner resources.

It’s you and 40,000 other healthcare professionals, which means that there will be a ton of opportunities to explore. Perhaps too many.


How do you narrow it down?


How do you optimize your experience?


You can map out your 3-day plan here, but HIMSS might be over before you complete your schedule.


Another option is to check out the HIMSS18 Solutions Lab – a relatively quiet side exhibition where conversations about moving IT forward are the norm – that is if you want something actionable to take home.


Expect Solutions Lab discussions to evolve around topics like revenue cycle improvement and resourcing, organized into two categories: Healthcare Administration and Population Health.


Find what you’re looking for (without fighting ten other people to have a conversation).


Healthcare administration topics include:

  • Accountable care

  • Alternative payment models

  • Clinical & business intelligence

  • Provider compensation/reimbursement

  • Quality reporting

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Revenue cycle improvement

  • Risk management

  • Technology business management


The best IT solutions are all there – away from the craziness of the main floor. Take home more than a stress ball. Take home something actionable and accelerate your IT agenda.



Let’s Talk Revenue Cycle Management

While it is important to understand what’s happening behind the billing office door, as a participant, you can also learn how to leverage your own data and processes to improve revenue cycle management (RCM).


Deb Ferber, 4th Source Executive Vice President & General Manager of Healthcare, will be speaking about RCM at the Solutions Lab on Wednesday, 2:00 PM. Here’s an excerpt from her presentation, Leveraging Your Own Data & Processes to Improve Revenue Cycle Management:


Data entry errors can ruin lives.

Check-in processes, payer relationships, data management. If someone makes a data-entry mistake, then there’s a good chance coverage will be denied. This, of course, depends on other factors, like how your health claims are being submitted.

But no one should have to take that risk. A patient might get an unexpected letter in the mail saying they owe money – and a hospital might not get paid for their services as they waste time chasing a simple reporting error. What if we could use the data and processes we already have, and get it right the first time?

Every RCM improvement should:

  1. Identify process weaknesses
  2. Analyze the data to know what is covered for a patient

As we evaluate processes, we can insert approvals or extra reviews to minimize mistakes. 

The data will help us before the approval process begins. We understand how patients are covered, driving procedural decisions up front. We can also add logic to validate data entry fields.



Meet Deb Ferber and the 4th Source team at booth #14036 to discuss how reliable RCM practices accelerate reimbursement and reduce financial risks.

When your data is strong, and our processes are correct the first time, we don’t have to worry about reworks or following up on claims. We learn about our weak spots – and transparency improves revenue cycles.


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